Saskatoon Zoogala

Saskatoon Zoogala – fundraising advertising and design

Branding a premier fundraising event for the province's zoo

The client wanted a refresh to the overall visual brand with the objective to attract more attendees for the zoo’s preeminent fundraiser. The goals for achieving a higher profile while increasing fundraising and attendance resulted in record totals for 2012. A great return for our creative strategy and even better news for the permanent residents of the zoo!

The work won multiple provincial awards and received appreciative recognition both in the press and through social media.

The budget forced the creative execution to be simple – all aspects of the delivery were done in-house. The special printing methods (die-cuts, extra colours) were graciously included when the supplier saw the concepts.


The initial realization of the overall concept occurred when one of my nieces left a toy elephant at our house. It was sitting on the table and I decided to take a quick shot of it… and quickly realized it was a great visual for the client!


The budget constraints were such that I was responsible for the final shots. These were done on the creative department light table with two lights and available props from the company kitchen. Several scenes were created using these limited options.

The engaging and interactive concept was carried over into the event itself. Attendees were encouraged to wear the ‘binoculars’ to the event as there were individualized numbers on each ticket for prize draws.

All work shown was done while employed at Tap Communications. Creative team members included D.Melashenko, A.Whyte, and R.Penner

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