Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority

Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority

Design and layout for Saskatchewan's largest employer of First Nations

A typical rollout for a promotion at one of the 6 casinos at SIGA consisted of a variety of media. Print, digital, and online were all leveraged by the company in a shotgun-like approach to the marketing and advertising materials. A typical promotion required an average of 20 individual deliverables – the largest casino typically required 30 pieces.

While at SIGA, I ended up delivering a new project work flow. The marketing department was using a photoshop dependent workflow that was limited in it’s capability. It also meant that, for all the print materials, the graphics were all raster based. This was a distinct issue for me as all the type and logo placements were ‘soft’ and lacking the crispness of vector artwork.

My workflow solution enabled the graphic art technicians to deliver more promos than ever – almost a 3x increase of productivity!

Standard deliverables for a typical promotion at SIGA:

PRINT – Large format backlit posters, various paper posters, tent cards, guest passes, print ads

DIGITAL – Horizontal TV screens, vertical TV screens, multiple sized small LED screens, animated marquee signage, interactive kiosk screens, digital billboards

ONLINE – Multiple sized website graphics, electronic direct mail graphics, online ads

All of these deliverables were dependant on the graphic arts technicians for consistency of branding, copy, and technical aspects such as colour and content sizing for the various deliverables.

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