Ens Rebrand

Ens Rebrand

A Saskatoon automotive cornerstone is positioned to compete in the expanding marketplace

We knew coming into the rebranding of Ens Toyota Lexus that there were inconsistencies and holes in the existing platforms for advertising and marketing. Issues included the previous Ens logo being a derivative of the Lexus logo which contributed to poor brand recognition. A weak brand presence that existed entirely outside of any advertising or marketing ensured we had our work cut out for us.

The first step to the creative strategy was to establish their rock solid personal reputation to that of their general marketing statements. This was considered an introduction to the influx of new Saskatoon residents that were unaware of the contributions that Ens had delivered community wide over the past 50 years. The language, visuals, and media used for this introduction were major departures from the previous advertising – establishing a company brand that enabled competitive advantages in a burgeoning marketplace.

Coinciding with the rebranding launch window was the 50th anniversary of the business. A custom logo was produced to add equity to the brand statements – not only trusted and reliable… five decades of trust and reliability!

The design and advertising was made to stand out from the competition. The marketplace was strewn with ‘dealership dudes’ hawking the product. The simple and straight forward language and visuals were developed to highlight the down-to-earth business delivery of the client – it’s all about trust and reliability.

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