Elevators 2012

Elevators 2012

Getting in on the heavy lifting of Saskatchewan's best advertising and design event

As a proud member of the Graphic Designers of Canada, and also being a founding member of the Elevators Awards, I felt 2012 was the time to commit to doing the event design. I developed the theme “Heavy Lifting” as a tribute to the designers that produce and deliver the core of the work – the work that requires the biggest minds, the stongest work ethos, and the ability to move projects in the right direction.

Every two years, the Saskatchewan North chapter holds the Elevators to award local design that shows creative excellence, educate the public and promote discussion about the role of designers in Saskatchewan and abroad, and provide a venue for local designers to meet and mingle with speakers/judges and each other.

Setting the Stage

The deliverables included a larger-than-life strong man dumbbell as an on-stage prop. Winners from each category were given an on-stage photo opportunity.

Our own heavy lifting

Every element of the design was hand drawn – from the words, to the image of the weight lifter, to the pictures of the speakers. This casual style was chosen as a tip-of-the-hat to the ideation process – which usually consists of unrefined sketch work… and arguably where/when the heavy lifting is done.

The poster was printed in a limited run silkscreen, on recycled kraft paper, and each attendee received one in their giveaway bag. The program was designed so one side held the event information while the other side unfolds into an event poster and used as a promotional/advertising piece.

All work shown was done while employed at Tap Communications. Creative team members included D.Melashenko, R.Harbin, and P.Cradock

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