Synergy Credit Union – Member’s Booklet

Synergy Credit Union Member's Booklet

Delivering on a Saskatchewan financial institution's dedication to their members

Synergy Credit Union was ready to update their marketing and communications. The strategy dictated a need for updated visual branding and a more colloquial tone for the corporate writing. Show visual relevancy and write it like it would be said. The creative strategy leaned on big images complemented by hand rendered typographic statements and iconography.

The results were outstanding – the booklet instantly garnered rave reviews by members while interest in specifically targeted products and services were increased. The booklet went into reprint and various components were used to extend other marketing promotions. The credit union was given a brand new sheen!

All work shown was done while employed at Tap Communications. Creative team members included D.Melashenko, R.Harbin, and P.Cradock

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