Synergy Credit Union – Mortgage Campaign

Synergy Credit Union

2014 Mortgage Campaign – House Hunting

A fresh campaign delivering an all new strategy to get the young home buyers in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan to choose a new lender for their mortgages. In a market saturated with rates and promises, our tactic was to appeal to the demographic’s lifestyles and personalities. We needed to drive home the thrill of their experience and leverage their enthusiasm – while directing them to a financial institution they had previously ignored when shopping mortgages.

The theme of “House Hunting” was taken to a literal level to highlight their enjoyment of the outdoors and recreation. The media strategy allowed for a variety of placements and focused on on-line video as the main delivery method. Several broadcast length videos were shot and then the endings were changed to provide interest. Blooper videos were also released late in the campaign to provide continuing interest in the promotion through the various social channels.

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