Saskatoon Public Library – 2014 Campaign

Saskatoon Public Library

2014 Awareness Campaign

The 2014 awareness campaign focused on the SPL’s on-line capabilities and expanded offerings for mobile content. We continued the use of friendly illustration  to allow for visual continuity of the library’s visual brand while the simple and direct copy established the message clearly.

The media placement strategy was similar to previous years – we wanted the messages to appear in places that were not only unexpected but also indicative of the campaign visuals. These included the airport, bus interiors, and waiting rooms.

The majority of the work was delivered via a micro-site ( The obvious problem with the on-line services was that the accessibility was problematic due to the various device dependent entry points. The patrons required an easy, step-by-step process, that would help them access the digital collections.

The outcome was increased on-line usage and a new awareness of the exciting content provided by the library’s extensive digital collections.

All work shown was done while employed at Tap Communications. Creative team members included D.Melashenko, R.Harbin, and P.Cradock

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