Saskatoon Public Library – 2013 Campaign

Saskatoon Public Library

2013 Awareness Campaign

The 2013 awareness campaign built off the success of the previous years inaugural release of the new Saskatoon Public Library rebrand. The bold colours were juxtaposed with a whimsical illustrative style. The messaging was unique and strategic – we knew the audience loved content and were going to be intrigued.

The “Exact Approximate” theme was developed to showcase the amount of materials while adding a possible real life equivalent. It really didn’t matter if the numbers weren’t perfect – we knew that if any of the patrons had a problem with it, the SPL would be able to use that opportunity to connect. There were real social interactions based on the veracity of the campaigns claims.

The campaign included: Posters, Tent Cards, Print Ads, Animated Web Ads, Microsite, Magnets, Social Media Updates, and Coasters placed in unexpected places – including pubs and coffee shops.

All work shown was done while employed at Tap Communications. Creative team members included D.Melashenko, R.Harbin, and P.Cradock

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