Saskatoon Transit

Saskatoon Transit Rebranding

Updating the public transit system's visual identity and collateral

The rebranding of the city of Saskatoon’s transit system is still one of the most complex projects I’ve been a part of. It started as a logo assignment and turned into a comprehensive redesign of Saskatoon Transit’s visual identity, print collateral, signage, and information architecture.

With the redesign in place, the unveiling of the major changes to the transit system were easier to comprehend and enabled a less difficult transition for the public.


The logo was designed to have a standalone icon that contained the lowercase “t” and the negative space arrow element. This icon was envisioned to replace all outdated “bus icons/illustrations” to enhance the visual systems being developed.  This icon would be the shorthand version of the new logo.

Information Graphics

My main focus was to eliminate superfluous elements and content and develop a new information architecture system – which turned into one of the most complex jobs I have ever worked on. Maps, schedules and hierarchy were all comprehensively redesigned from the ground up.

The design was developed to be cost conscious – including a limited colour palette and reconfigured layouts to reduce paper usage. Some of the elements for this project included: corporate identity, signage, bus paint/wraps, print ephemera, and information architecture.

All work shown was done while employed at Tap Communications

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