Logos and Visual Identities

Designing companies first impressions to the viewing audience

So many logos. Whether for startup businesses or large corporations – Tim has produced award winning and client celebrated logos for years. With a career spanning 18 years, and having been given the chance to design dozens of logos, it’s no wonder Tim is considered a specialist in visual identities.

Focus for the last 5 years has been on developing and delivering First Nations design and visual identities. Creating a new visual language using the traditional imagery that provides a modern vernacular.

Primary objectives consist of legibility, reproducibility, and functionality. The identities must maintain their clarity and ease of identification at all sizes and for the majority of delivery methods. The added feature that Tim instills in all his identity projects is a diverse use of application – usually providing a variety of layouts but also through dynamic usage such as animation and construction.

The average percentage of time spent while designing is: 25% Research – 45% Development – 30% Execution

The research is for competitor analysis and business trends – highlighting what to avoid and what the best avenues for development are. The next phase gets the best ideas on paper and provides proof they can be developed into working concepts. The final aspect is when all that pencil work is put to digital and a completed logo is achieved.

Creative Direction

With a move to Creative Directing there is less time for designing logos from the ground up. More time is spent developing visual identity direction and strategy. I have been involved in various high level identity jobs in this capacity as well.

Work shown was done while employed at Tap Communications, Wawryk Associates, and as an independent designer.

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