Hands-on creative direction during a downtown photoshoot. I’ve always been more suited to being behind the cameras…

Work Experience

Advertising, Design, Marketing, Mentorship, Leadership, and dedication to the design community

Creative Director  //  Art Director  //  Designer  //  Consultant  //  Entrepreneur  //  Educator  //  Curator  //  Mentor

Tim is a Saskatoon-based First Nations professional in the fields of Advertising and Design. Tim is establishing his own studio and is currently interested in all inquiries for contracts or professional development.

The last 15 years have given Tim the opportunity to diversify his skill set through leadership and collaboration.

Areas of expertise: Financial, Mining & Resources, Municipal/public projects.
Developing expertise in: First Nations business, Small business communication strategy.
Primary skills: Visual Identity & Branding, Advertising, Design, Strategy.

Tim has led a multitude of successful projects that incorporate all forms of media – TV, web, radio, OOH, print, and non-traditional (to name a few).


Founder & Creative Director

The Engagement Party Media & Design – 2015-Present
Startup small business owner with a vision of creating a sustainable First Nations owned and operated agency that develops and mentors First Nations creative service professionals.

Focus is on developing committed relationships that are about developing both product and manpower for the First Nations community in Saskatoon, the province, and beyond.

To view more of this initiative – The Engagement Party

Founder & President

The Preparatory School of Advertising and Design (The Prep) – 2014-Present
A private school that focuses on First Nations students that show an inherent ability for advertising and design.

First Nations have an intrinsic understanding of Design and Advertising through traditional methods of teaching crafts and story-telling.

Due to several factors most of these students have difficulty making the leap to post-secondary schooling. The Prep enables students to enhance their thinking and advertising/design skills while also building upon their scholastic ability to succeed at the college/university level.

To view more of this initiative – The Preparatory School


Creative Director & Sr. Art Director

Tap Communications
From 2009 to 2014 I was the lead creative and manager for the creative department at Tap Communications. During this time I led a junior agency staff to become a dominant factor in the province for both client and award shortlists.

I resigned in the summer of 2014 to focus on personal projects and to develop my own studio.

• led the agency to becoming one of the most awarded in the province.
• initiated and delivered new agency standards for pitches, creative development, strategy, and agency structure.
• developed and maintained a high level of delivery with a junior staff.
• mentored and supported co-workers to achieve outstanding results.
• expanded the overall capabilities of the agency – including further developing the TV and web portfolio.

Responsible for the creative cycle of projects within the agency, including: initial briefs; planning sessions; collaboration with accounts services team; distribution of assignments; competition analysis/secondary research; development of creative strategy; leader of in-house creative development; client and stakeholder meetings; post-mortem review and analysis.

Art Director & Designer

Tap Communications
From 2004 to 2009 I created visual communications for a variety of clients in a diverse range of industries. Responsibilities included concept, design, delivery, and production for all types of traditional media.

• became well versed in print production.
• developed skills and techniques for in-studio and postproduction of television, radio, and photography.
• worked in collaboration with web developers and gained insight for the design and production of web based deliveries.

Developed an understanding of client management as well as taking ownership of creative delivery. Worked closely with production houses to ensure quality and develop solid working relationships.

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