About Me

Award winning, creative strategy implementing, results focused, true believer of enthusiastic commitment

A Canadian First Nations Creative Director with 18 years of experience.

Born and raised in Saskatchewan, and one of the very few First Nations Creative Directors in Canada. Career focus is to develop a broad and encompassing portfolio for First Nations businesses and expand and modernize their visual communications. His work is usually layered with culture, vernacular, and irreverence.

He spends his spare time developing ways to promote the Design and Advertising profession in Saskatchewan. He co-founded the largest design and advertising show in the province – The Elevator Awards. He is currently developing and testing a design/advertising course called The Preparatory which has the mandate to help First Nations youth develop portfolio and conceptual skills – a Saskatchewan first. He’s created and executed a recurring design-themed art show called S P R E A D. When not working on these projects he has committed hundreds of hours to various other local design committees and interests such as The Graphic Designers of Canada, and Premier’s Awards.

Design is Art is Work. I am constantly intrigued and encouraged by Milton Glaser’s original quote, “Art is Work.” I truly believe that when message is paired with concept, and there is commitment to exceed the brief, the work will surpass the perceived expectations of all parties – the creatives, the clients, and the target audience.

My services

Educated as a graphic designer with an emphasis on print design and visual communications. Mentored as a specialist in visual identity design and application. Experienced at leading full advertising campaigns and marketing plans utilizing all forms of media for clients of all sizes.

Corporate Branding
Visual Identity
Graphic Design
Art Direction

My Experience

Eighteen years working within the advertising agency model has placed primary focus on delivering clear and relevant messaging and has led to a developed ability to engage creatives, client relations, suppliers and clients. Work experience has been accrued through positions in three Saskatoon based advertising agencies as well as his own design studio. Clients have included municipal, provincial, national and international organizations and companies that range in size from startups to multinationals.

Awards and Recognition

Brand New Awards / Graphex / Saskatchewan Elevators Awards / Saskatchewan ACE Awards / AIME Awards / Premier’s Awards of Saskatchewan / IABC Silver Leaf Awards / Summit International Awards / MarCom Awards / Canadian Regional Design Awards / Applied Arts / Marketing Magazine / Big Book of Packaging

Meet My Team

We’re a passionate bunch and closely knit



Head Developer
Tim Neal

Tim Neal

Art Director


Technical Support

My Process

1) Inquiry   >   2) Consultation   >   3) Proposal   >   4) Project & Scope Agreement   >   5) Development Stages*   >   6) Delivery


*After the initial meetings, and with an accepted budget, and following the approval stages of the brief… it always starts with pencil and paper. Sometimes it’s a pen. Sometimes it’s in a sketchbook. Typically it’s on 8.5 x 11 bond. In stacks. It’s the magical time when simple ideas become working concepts through intense scrutiny, prodding, research, and craft.

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